Behind the Scenes: Student Bowler

McKenna Hron, Co-Editor, Writer

On Tuesday, Sept. 21, I interviewed Jenna at Ledgeview Lanes in Fond du Lac during her bowling practice. Jenna Betts is a sophomore at Marian University, where she majors in exercise sports science and minors in psychology. She has also been on Marian’s women’s bowling team for two years. Bowling is not a new sport for Jenna; she has been bowling for about 12 years. In high school, she won some bowling championships; specifically, she won a division 3 championship in her junior year. Marian’s Women’s Bowling Team has been a positive experience for Jenna. 

 In her freshman year of college, Jenna was on the varsity team and was asked to be a co-captain of the team this year. Jenna stated that it was a huge honor to be picked by Coach Dan Mueller to be a captain, especially since bowling is such an important part of her life. She stated that she is super excited for this upcoming season because they have a good group of girls on the team again this year, and they all share a goal of rewinning the CCIW Championship this year as they did in 2020. Winning the CCIW Championship in 2020 was a highlight for the women’s bowling team. Jenna said that winning that championship was an “unmatched feeling,” that every competition is new and exciting. Although Jenna loves bowling and the team, it was not the sole reason for her choosing to attend Marian. 

Jenna was drawn to Marian for many reasons, such as being able to bowl, the small campus, and the professors. She stated that she loves that the professors are very supportive and always want their students to succeed. The small campus and classes are also an added plus because you get to create real connections with your professors and peers. Jenna is from Clare, Michigan so she said that having people that feel like family makes being far from home much easier. Specifically, Jenna mentioned that her coach was like a second dad. The bowling coach, Dan Mueller, has made Jenna’s experience at Marian very positive.  

Picture of Jenna Betts (McKenna Hron (co-editor)

When asked why others should bowl, Jenna said that bowling is a great sport because you can be yourself without judgment. Bowling throws out the typical stereotypes found in most sports. Marian’s men’s bowling team has their GLBC tournament this weekend, Oct. 9-10, located at Ashwaubenon Lanes in Green Bay, WI. Those who are interested more in Marian University’s bowling teams should reach out to the head coach, Dan Mueller.