Marian’s Men’s Bowling Team Striking Start

McKenna Hron, Co-editor

After only three years of existence, Marian’s men’s bowling team is currently standing strong with their season. Coached by head coach Dan Mueller and assistant coach Josh Schneider, they have been placing very well in their first three competitions of the season. The men’s team has bowled in the Rock Valley Invite, the Midwest Classic tournament, and the GLBC tournament. These tournaments are all located in different locations, and they compete with a variety of different schools.   


Marian’s men’s bowling team did an exceptional job in their first tournament, the Rock Valley Invite. This invite was located at Cherry Bowl Lanes in Rockford, Illinois. The men’s varsity team for this tournament included juniors (Will Rouech [co-captain] and Josh Lynt), sophomores (Jason Claus and Ryan Dreikosen), and freshmen (Chase Haakenson, Rylee Schwartz, and Gavin Suprehand). This team placed first in this tournament, which according to Dan Mueller, is the “first tourney champ in the history of the men’s bowling team.” The following weekend (Oct. 2-3), the men’s team bowled in one of the more competitive Midwest tournaments located at Bowlero in Wauwautosa, Wisconsin. 


At Bowlero, the men’s team placed 21 out of 46 teams. Dan Mueller states that this is a “pretty respectable place” as it’s a very competitive competition. The starting seven varsity bowlers for this competition consist of juniors (Will Rouech [co-captain], Josh Lynt, and Nick Brensen), sophomore (Ryan Dreikosen), and freshmen (Gavin Suprenand, Kyle Beck, and Rylee Schwartz). Watch out for the following article on Marian’s bowling team’s GLBC tournament. 


Marian’s men’s bowling team has 14 bowlers this year. These 14 bowlers are not guaranteed a spot on the starting varsity line and are not guaranteed to play each competition. They are required to work hard to prove to their coaches that they deserve a varsity spot. Before each competition, head coach Dan Mueller and assistant coach Josh Schneider discuss who will be on the starting varsity line and who will be on JV (if it’s a competition in which JV can also compete). 


The men’s team can compete in the USBC and Club championships; however, there is no NCAA men’s bowling at this time. I asked Coach Dan Mueller if he thought there would ever be an NCAA men’s team; however, he doesn’t think that USBC will make a men’s NCAA team due to there not being enough men’s bowlers as women’s bowlers. Even as a club, Marian’s men’s bowling team is a strong team. In 2020, the men’s team had an average team score of 180 for baker games and an average team score of 190 for individual games. Coach Mueller felt that the men’s team did well last year and hopes they continue to put in the time and effort to have a strong season this year. 


In addition to the practice and effort expectations that Coach Mueller has for the men’s team, he also has some academic expectations. He asks that his bowlers go to class, put school first, show responsibility, and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. In addition to those things, he asks that his bowlers be team players and put the team over the individual self in the competitions. These criteria are also what helped Coach Mueller and Assistant Coach Schneider pick the team captains, Will Roesch and Evan Rae.  


When asked, Dan Mueller stated that he felt that the most important competitions for the men’s team would be the Leatherneck Invite and the Hoosier Classic. See below for the men’s bowling team’s schedule. Those who are interested more in Marian’s men’s bowling team should reach out to head coach, Dan Mueller, assistant coach, Josh Schneider, or the team captains. 





Oct. 23-24: GLBC Tournament located at Cherry Bowl Lanes in Rockford, Illinois 

Oct. 29-31: Five Seasons Classic located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Nov. 6-7: UWO Titan Invite located at Classic Lanes in Neenah, Wisconsin 

Nov. 12-14: Leatherneck Invite located in Moline, Illinois 

Dec. 4-5: UWW Motive Warhawk Open located at Stardust Lanes in Addison, Illinois 



Jan. 14-16: ISBPA/Kegel Midwest Classic located at Stardust Lanes in Addison, Illinois 

Jan. 29-30: GLCB Tournament located at Dale’s Weston Lanes in Weston, Wisconsin 

Feb. 12-13: GLBC Tournament located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Feb. 18-20: Hoosier Classic located in Indianapolis, Indiana 

Mar. 4-6: Club Championship located in Addison, Illinois 

Mar 11-13: USBC Sectionals – location to be determined 




ß Rock Valley Invite: Marian’s Men’s Bowling Varsity Team. Photo taken by Dan Mueller. 






ß Rock Valley Invite: Marian’s Men’s Bowling Teams 1st place trophy. Photo taken by McKenna Hron.