Fondy Restaurant Review: Bob’s on the Avenue

Austin Reimann

There is a new restaurant in Fond du Lac, and it is already making a name for itself. Well, it isn’t exactly new as Bob’s othe Avenue follows after Bob’s Pizza, a local Fondy favorite for years. Located on Fond du Lac Avenue, the new pizzeria also has a bar and game room.  


The eye-catching bar is the highlight of the restaurant. Separated from the main dining area, the sleek design features upscale lighting, multiple large screen TVs, and a large selection of beer, wine, and liquor. Despite the sleek design, the alcohol is fairly priced, cheaper than one would expect with ambiance that accompanies the bar. They offer wine on reserve available for purchase by bottle only and by the glass. On tap, they have a number of draft beers available, with additional beers available by can and bottle. One of the more eye-popping drink choices is their Smoked Old Fashioned, which features smoked whiskey or brandy over a block of ice.  


Similar to the bar, their menu is fairly priced with a number of offerings other than pizza. Bob’s othe Avenue also offers pasta dishes, burgers, and various appetizers. Their pizza is as advertised and well worth the money. I tried their pizza burger” which is an Italian sausage patty topped with mozzarella cheese crumbles and marinara sauce. With hints of spice complimented by the sweetness of the marinara sauce, the burger was surprisingly good. The buns were toasted to perfection and the side of fries was the best that I have found in Fond du Lac. Overall, it was a great dish.  


After patrons have enjoyed a drink at the bar and a slice of pizza in the dining room, they can make their way over to the game room to enjoy a number of games fit for all ages.  The arcade is small, but an impressive addition welcomed by families looking for a night out on the town. Adjacent to the dining room, but separate from the bar, the game room is positioned perfectly.  


Overall, Bob’s othe Avenue is a slam dunk for a town in need of something fresh. I have stopped by a few times since it has opened, and each time the restaurant is packed with a wait time for a table. The bar is always crowded and children are enjoying the game room. The rollout of the new spot seems to be exceeding expectations. The always welcoming and accommodating staff likely has something to do with that. Whether the steady pace of customers will continue after the shine of the new restaurant wears off will be a matter for another day. Until then, Bob’s othe Avenue is taking the early success in stride.