Marian University’s Arizona Mission Trip


Laney Spradlin

Now that Covid is finally under control, it is time to get out and travel. As we have not been able to do much travelling over the last couple of years, it is time to think about experiencing something brand new! Marian University is giving students and faculty this opportunity.  

Circle K and Campus Ministry are partnering to provide students and faculty with a lifetime opportunity. In addition, they are working on planning Marian University’s very own mission trip. Students and faculty can both partake in this mission trip opportunity. 

Everyone who has confirmed they are going voted between Georgia, Arizona, and West Virginia. The winning location was Navajo Nation, Arizona. This trip will take place in the summer of 2022, during the week of May 29, 2022, through June 3, 2022.  

While in Arizona, you will help families repair their projects, participate in kid’s clubs, and partake church outreach programs (Navajo Nation Mission Trip (Arizona), 2021). Also, there will be time to relax by a fire and build relationships with diverse cultural backgrounds (Navajo Nation Mission Trip (Arizona), 2021). Plus, you get a chance to explore the west. There is a spot for everyone to help on the Mission Trip.  

Students do not have to worry about expenses as there will be opportunities to fundraise. $445 pays for the entire Mission Trip.  

Details of the trip are still being worked out. But, if you want to get more information, please reach out to Kayla Bender ([email protected]). Also, they need more faculty members to come along as well, to chaperone the Mission Trip. 

Enjoy a week away while helping others and giving back to the community. Reach outside of your comfort zone! Get a mission trip crossed off your bucket list. 


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