Fond du Lac High School Marches into the Worst


Laney Spradlin

On Tuesday October 5th, 2021, Fond du Lac High School made the news cycle, and no it was not positive.  

The high school experienced a fight between nine different people. Yes, you may be thinking that this is not a huge deal. But, you would be wrong. According to Sharon Roznik of the FDL Reporter, the fight began around 11 a.m. Eight juveniles made their way into custody (Roznik, 2021). One student was arrested on multiple charges which include suspicion of battery, resisting an arrest disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, battery, and threat to law enforcement. It was confirmed that there was no weapon involved in the fighting, as was previously speculated. (Roznik, 2021) 

The school did go on lockdown, but it was out of precaution for the safety of the students and faculty, not because of a weapon. After the police got all of the students calmed down, people were able to return to class safely.  

This fight between the students is still an ongoing investigation. More details will come later when the investigation is complete. For further information, stay tuned to the local news and the Sabre Voice.   



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