The Problems with The Marian Cafeteria


Jalen Peters

A cafeteria is very important for any school. It nourishes students and allows them to unwind and socialize with their classmates. However, for some students, there are issues regarding this cafeteria, such as its food quality and not allowing students to take food to go, and having no way to find out what is being served that day.  

The first glaring problem is the food itself. Last year was said to be the worst year in terms of quality of food that the school handed out. Students described the food to be unfinished (e.g., some meat was uncooked, and milk was spoiled). Students who chose to remain anonymous said that they found bugs in their meals. Changes obviously had to be made, and they were. Though the food is better compared to last year according to many students, some students still have complaints, but this time, it is not about the food.  

The second problem is the school’s unwillingness to allow students to take food to go. Students can order food and eat there, but they may not take it outside the cafeteria. This is an inconvenience to many students, especially if they have busy schedules and cannot afford to sit and eat. It also seems contradictory, as the first two weeks of school, students could bring food out, which makes students ask, why the sudden change?  

The third issue was the difficulty of getting the information of when and what lunch was served. To give an example, Ripon has an app called “SAGE” that tells students the menu of food, when it is being served and the time. Marian has no such app; in fact, even their main page does not have this information. When attempting to click the link that has the word “Cafeteria” On it, which should contain the menu options and times instead leads to just the time of opening but no actual food menus for each day. The only way to find all this information is by going to the cafeteria in person and getting the information directly from the staff. This once again frustrates many students and looks unprofessional for Marian.  

Marian needs to put more work into their lunchroom as their reputation is already on the fence due to incidents last year. From the lack of convenience to the downright lack of effort in letting students know what is on the menu, many students’ criticisms seem to be justified. Hopefully, Marian will choose to listen to these complaints and change for the better. This means keeping on the same track of improving their quality of food but also allowing more freedom for students who need to eat on the go. Lastly have menus up on some app or website so students know what is being served.