Get Psyched and Join the Psychology Club!

McKenna Hron, Co-Editor, Writer

Marian University’s psychology club has started up again after a long break due to COVID-19. The club is run by a group of faculty and students. The three faculty members are Dr. Amy Hennings, Professor Gina Possin, and Dr. Ciara Kidder; they are very excited to have the club back up and running and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Helping these faculty members are the members of the e-board and the committee leaders. 

The psychology club recently announced the members of their leadership team. The members of the e-board are as follows: President team (Kaley Ludvigsen and McKenna Hron), Treasurer (Paige Rivera), and Secretary (Kamajjae Patterson). These students have been elected by the psychology club members to run the club and they are very excited to get started. Working alongside them are the committee leaders who lead the students participating in the four psychology club committees: Public Relations, Fundraising, Philanthropy, and Recruitment. The chairholders of these committees are as follows: NiMyia Pompey (Public Relations), Addy Requena (Fundraising), Taylor Keen (Philanthropy), and Ashli Price (Recruitment). 

At this point in the semester, there have been two events the Psychology Club has participated in. Some members had attended the event “In the Mind of an Athlete” held at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 26, organized by SAAC. At this event, students learned about how being a student-athlete affects a student’s mind from three guest speakers (Tanner Biwer, Kim Sorensen, and Robyn Williams). The psychology club also hosted a potluck with the diversity club on Friday, Nov. 12 during Sabre Hour. This event allowed the two clubs to interact and discuss the possibility of hosting an event together. The two clubs had a lot of fun getting to know each other and enjoying different cultural dishes. These events are just the beginning of the psychology club! 

Additional events such as tours, volunteering, sexual assault awareness talks, and more are still in the works. The psychology club meets every other Monday during Sabre Hour. The next two meetings are on Nov. 15 and Nov. 29, in the Administration building, room A300. The psychology club is a great place to meet new people who share similar interests as you. You will also be given the chance to learn about volunteer and internship opportunities. This group welcomes any students to join, whether that means you’re a psychology major, minor, or just interested in psychology! Any students interested in joining should reach out to the faculty members, presidents, or recruitment chair holder. 

Contact Information 

Amy Hennigns: [email protected] 

Gina Possin: [email protected] 

Ciara Kidder: [email protected] 


Kaley Ludvigsen: [email protected] 

McKenna Hron: [email protected] 

Ashli Price: [email protected]