Electronic Newspaper and Its Importance at Marian


Jalen Peters

Marians “Electronic Newspaper” class is one of the most important classes on the Marian Campus. It talks about real issues and situations going on within the school and helps teach students how to correctly format and write an article that others are going to read. Most of these skills are better developed and taught to students by the teacher herself, Professor Kahlow. 

The reason why this class is important is simple. This class lets students voice their concerns or things they find interesting about the school. There are a lot of problems with Marian to talk about and write stories on. Things such as their workout facility or the mundane campus life are all good examples that have been covered. This is important because many students have no real way to voice their concerns. In the class, students talk about issues that some students feel they need to address. One good example was when a student noticed there was no way to find the menu for the Marian cafeteria besides actually going to the cafeteria in person. This annoyed him, so he turned to the newspaper to voice his concerns. Although no changes have been made currently, at the very least, they are out there and are being talked about.  

Another factor is the importance it has for the students in regard to being able to write a professional newspaper. Lots of things come into play when trying to write a professional newspaper. Things like grammar, format, what a person can and cannot say are just a small part of writing. This class teaches all this and more.  

The whole class works as a team to get the newspaper published, which includes figuring out responsibilities, writing down real stories, getting the information, citing sources, getting the correct format, and then conveying it all in a good form. Overall, the course is a great way to practice the real thing if one tries to get a job in this field.  

In conclusion, not only does the class help cover issues within Marian which hopefully will be addressed by the school itself, but it is also a great learning opportunity for students who are trying to get into the field. Whether it be communication, finding information, writing, and formatting, or working as a team, this class makes sure to teach it all.