Jump Into New Extracurricular Activity Next Semester


Laney Spradlin

Since the first semester has flown by, it is time to start talking about next semester. Marian students should consider joining Marian’s Business Club. The Business Club has been meeting the last couple weeks to plans for next semester.

The first item on the Business Club’s agenda is adding members to the club. That is right we need Marian students to join! Contact information is listed below for people who have questions. The Business Club has not set up times to have official meetings yet. Contact us and we will get you added to our email list for meetings in January.

Secondly, we are planning on having Mercury Marine come to campus to talk to us. This will be at the beginning of next semester. It will be a panel of three to four members ranging from marketing, operations, IT, and Human Resources (HR). This will be held on campus, most likely in the Stayer Auditorium. Again, this will be in January or February we are still figuring out dates.

Next, we plan to take a trip to Rademann Stone. They would like to host the Business Club for a lunch in and a tour. Again, the Business Club is still looking for dates that work, but it definitely will be in February, likely the first or second week. This will be good experience for people to see what Rademann Stone is exactly like.

Finally, we are planning to do a trip sometime next semester. Every year the Business Club does a weekend in Chicago, Illinois. By the weekend I mean Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But this year it might be different. We are talking about taking a trip to New York. No, we have not figured out the cost or what we will be doing yet. We are still trying to figure out the details and if it will be possible to go to New York. Also, this will not take place over spring break since people already have plans it will be a weekend thing sometime in the spring.

The Business Club is planning a ton of fun things. Please consider joining we would love to meet you. Contact information is listed below if anyone has questions or would like to join, please reach out!


Contact Information:


Laney Spradlin

Email: [email protected]


Vice President

Adam Pickett

Email: [email protected]



Bryan Hill

Email: [email protected]