Spring Athletes Take on the Country

Gus Walker

During spring break many of the Marian sports programs take out-of-state trips, to escape the frigid Wisconsin weather.

The Sabre baseball team traveled alongside the softball team as they took on Orlando, Florida. Both teams played games in the sunshine state with warm weather. Although, both teams ran into rain during their Florida experience, and had to cancel a couple of games.

This was the first year the baseball program traveled to Florida. In the past, the Sabres have traveled west to Tucson, Arizona.

The men’s Lacrosse team also had a spring trip, traveling across the country. By bus, the Sabres traveled to Akron, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, then drove all the way back across the country to Chicago, Illinois, then finally returned to Fond du Lac. The Sabres played two games on the trip, while also having a few cancelations.

All three teams were able to get a taste of different parts of the country during the trips. The baseball team was able to swim, work out, and even play put-put on their trip. The lacrosse team found great restaurants along the way, as well as watched a professional lacrosse game.

Many teams in the southern part of the US get to play games as early as February; schools like Marian are not so fortunate. These trips allow the spring teams to play more games in March when the midwest weather is too cold, or in some cases, there is too much snow.

Many northern schools also travel south to play games, which creates the opportunity for the Sabres to play teams from all around the country. The baseball team was fortunate to play teams from Rhode Island, as well as Maine. The men’s Lacrosse team played teams from Pennsylvania and Georgia. Finally, the softball team got to compete against teams from Virginia and Ohio.

Overall, the spring trip is widely anticipated by spring athletes, as the trips create a great experience for the teams. Athletes return to Fond du Lac with tons of memories and experiences from traveling across the country with their sports program.