Maskless Marian?

Gus Walker

With the recent decline in covid cases, and University of Wisconsin school systems revoking mask mandates, Marian may aim to do the same, in the future.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Marian community has had to wear masks when inside a campus building. With Covid-19 case numbers changing daily, and new variants infecting more and more people, Marian has had to keep the mask mandate linger than anyone would have liked.

On February 16, the University of Wisconsin school systems announced that the mandatory mask mandate will be no longer because of high vaccination rates among students, as well as failing case numbers.

According to the New York Times, the Covid case high across the state of Wisconsin, was on January 18 when the seven-day average was 23,723 cases. More recently, on February 22 the seven-day average was 1,208 cases, with the state still seeing a massive decline in cases by the day.

But what does this information mean for Marian students? There have been rumors flying around the campus community, hoping the mask mandate will end soon. Students have been wearing masks for so long that it has become a part of everyday life. Freshman Brody Jordan said, “I think going back to no masks would be interesting. We’ve been wearing masks for so long, so it (no masks) would be a nice change of pace.”

As of March 1, Marian students and faculty have to wear masks when inside all classrooms and labs. The big change comes with housing and the cafeteria, where students don’t technically have to wear masks but are encouraged to. For many, this is exciting news, as students are hoping for a full revoke of masks in the near future.

The next few weeks will be critical to see if Marian returns to no masks. For many students, no mask mandate would be refreshing.