Mission Manistique

Marian campus ministry group

Carol Wardlow, Staff Writer

Spring break is a time when students get together, can do whatever they want to do and just get away from school for a while. Every year on spring break, Campus Ministry puts together an alternative spring break for students who would like to go on a mission trip.

For the past spring break, a group of students went on a road trip to Manistique, Michigan to help Habitat for Humanity restore buildings and complete many different projects and tasks. The projects ranged from laying new flooring to painting to organizing closets. This year, Marian took 20 students and 2 chaperones from a wide variety of different offices and clubs on campus on the trip, with the majority of them coming from Campus Ministry and TRIO.

When asked why she chose to go on the trip, Polly Sirrinopakun replied: “It is my senior year and I really just want[ed] to do something that I can remember. I saw this as an opportunity and I didn’t want to say ‘no’ when I would be able to make friends that would last a lifetime.”

Sirrinopakun is a senior marketing major from Thailand and plans on moving back there this summer and working with some of her family. She really looked forward to having a trip that she could remember and she made it clear that she had a lot of fun. In fact Kelsey Westcott, a senior Human Resource major from Norway, Michigan, could remember one thing that Sirrinopakun said that made everybody in the room stop and laugh.

Westcott stated that working with Sirrinopakun was “an adventure that I can’t forget. I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.” When I asked what her most memorable moment of the trip was for her she said: “I really enjoyed working with the different groups of people. There were many people who I would never have conversed with if it weren’t for this mission trip.”

Not only is the mission trip about the work that was provided for the people in the community, it is also a time for Marian students to come together and build a community-based relationship between them all. There were many different group activities that happened during that week and many of them are activities that everybody in the entire group was able to enjoy.

On Wednesday, the group was granted a free day where they could do whatever they liked to do as a group. This year, the group decided that they would like to go see pictured rocks. Unfortunately, when the group arrived at the visitor center, they were informed they were not able to see the rocks because they would have needed a boat, which would be impossible because the water was still frozen. The group instead decided to go for a small hike on a trail to go see a waterfall that was worth the trip.

There were many memorable moments from the trip and Matt Weirsma was excited to say that the most memorable for him was “when we got stuck in the mud and had to have some nice people pull us out.”

Mission trips are supposed to be fun and nothing makes the trip better than knowing that the people who the students are working for are all about having fun and not afraid to pull a prank every now and then.

Throughout the week, the first ever prank war happened amongst the members of the group and the managers of the Habitat store. They began by circulating a creepy doll that nobody liked and escalated to feeding the store manager an Oreo filled with toothpaste as payback.

Overall, the people on the trip were pleased and they had a lot of fun doing what they went there to do. While there was a lot of joking that happened, that did not stop the group from completing all of the work and the tasks that were assigned to them.

The trip was one that the group was able to walk away from knowing that they had not only impacted the lives of people in a community, but they also impacted the lives of the 22 people who attended the alternative spring break mission tr