Zlatan’s Impact

Soccer player Ibra Zlatan

Jacob Ryd, Staff Writer

Why is Zlatan not only such a remarkable player, but also person? He is this because of the person he has become during his later years as an active soccer player. He started off as a cocky young guy from the suburbs, and he has today become an individual to look for advice and guidance.

It is obvious to say that I am from the same part of the world as Zlatan. While yes, I am from Sweden, even though I see a Swedish guy being a great athlete on a sporting team, or in an event, I do not necessarily cheer for him. Zlatan, though, is such a great inspirational, admirable, and leading figure that anyone, no matter their age, can learn from him and be amazed.

In February of 2015, Zlatan printed new tattoos on his body. According to the 101greatgoals, the tattoos are the names of people living in poverty somewhere in the world. In order to recognize their struggle and give them the help they need, he is trying do all he can to share their story.

Putting tattoos on one’s body may not seem like a lot. However, when he gets the organization he is working with to make commercials off of his motto and his will in order to present his tattoos, he gets his message through. Zlatan said in the commercial that if he could, he would put the names of the 805 million people who are suffering from starvation on his body. He says that he needs the support of others to help out with this cause.

Admiring a public figure is very common. Admiring someone who is doing a lot for the people who are struggling is even better. Soccer is not the world; it is not something to die for. It is something that, if you are a soccer fanatic, you spend your life next to. Seeing the players play is the best for a supporter; seeing them act well for the world is even greater. And that is why we love the people who are trying to make a change, a change for the better.



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  • Rawson, D. (2015, February 16). PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets 50 new tattoos in bid to help end world huger.

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